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Establishing his business in 1992, Brad considers it an absolute pleasure working with pre-retirees and retirees. He feels blessed to have found his God-given role in life. Brad enjoys educating clients on proven methods to protect their hard-earned money. He is proud to provide the financial stability they are looking for in retirement. Websites: bradrhodesfinancial.com | bradrhodes.retirevillage.com

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It’s Alright To Dislike Annuities, But You May Already Own One.

In my years as a retirement and income specialist, I have run across more than one person who claims they hate annuities. More often than not, this position is based more on what one of their relatives told them or what they heard from Dave or Suzy on television than on a genuine understanding of [...]

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Are Myths And Misinformation Keeping You From Having An Annuity In Your Portfolio?

"Annuities are among the most misunderstood retirement and income products on the market. Even some agents who sell annuities don't truly understand them or their power to transform your retirement." Brad Rhodes Contrary to what some television financial "advisors" say, an annuity, when properly understood and sold correctly, is an excellent retirement and income planning [...]

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What Steps Should You Take If Your Employer Suspends Your 401k Match?

"Millions of Americans rely on employer-sponsored plans to be the cornerstones of their retirement. But, what happens when circumstances force your employer to change or even eliminate their retirement program?- Brad Rhodes COVID-19's effects are being felt in nearly every sector of the global economy. Stay-at-home orders, reduced hours, and supply-chain shortages resulting from the [...]

Five Common Medicare Misconceptions That Can Impact Your Retirement

"Medicare planning is a complicated and confusing process. Be sure you understand all of this benefit's nuances and can separate fact from fiction."  Brad Rhodes Medicare is an essential element of any successful retirement. Yet, it is often poorly understood. In my capacity as a Medicare planner, I am continually astounded by how many false [...]

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Why Both Spouses Must Be Involved When It Comes To Retirement Planning

"But my spouse is more of a "numbers" person" It is a lousy reason to surrender your role in your financial future." Brad Rhodes Financial giant UBS Global Wealth Management did a study recently in which 54% of women surveyed admitted they let their spouse be the leader in the family finances. Some of the reasons [...]

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Lower Interest Rates Until 2023? Great For Spenders, Bad For Retirement

In September 2020, the Federal Reserve ended its two-day policy meeting by announcing its intention of keeping interest rates at their current all-time lows until 2023. Since 70% of the American economy relies on consumption, the Fed's commitment to low-interest rates is part of an effort to push Americans away from saving and into spending. [...]

The Ugly Truth About Women And Retirement

"Even before the COVID-19 financial crisis, the nation was facing a retirement saving crisis, with women already at a significant disadvantage,"- Tyler Bond, National Institute on Retirement Security. Women, especially divorced and widowed women, face a series of complex hurdles when it comes to being prepared for retirement. For example, many women in the workforce [...]

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