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Eric M. Hutter is a multi state licensed financial professional with over 25 years of experience. He is a featured author and contributor to specializing in planning for and protecting your retirement. Host of the Eric Hutter Safe Money And Income Radio Show. Web Sites: |
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Is There An Ideal Age To Purchase An Annuity?

Modern annuities originally had a singular purpose: converting lump sums of money into income streams that would either last for a lifetime or some predetermined period. They were designed with retirees in mind, particularly those who needed a dependable income source to augment Social Security or other capital such as pensions or 401 (K) plans. [...]

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What Is The Purpose Of A Second Opinion?

To me, the answer would be to confirm that the first opinion is correct or that we have enough information in which to consider when making a decision.  Unless it has something to do with your health, most people don’t think twice about getting a second opinion.   I often find that in the business of [...]

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