Endorses Daryl Blackmon’s New Movie The Baby Boomer Dilemma2022-01-11T22:31:00+00:00 Endorses Daryl Blackmon’s New Movie The Baby Boomer Dilemma

Daryl Blackmon is proud to co-produce The Baby Boomer Dilemma film project because he believes successfully retiring is the most complex financial issue of our time. One of the film’s featured Nobel Prize-winning economists, William Sharpe, supports this belief. He also thought it necessary to help shine a light on the misinformation and poor advice many people receive regarding retirement. Daryl knew assisting the production of this film would be an excellent service to everyone who sees it. View Movie Trailer Here

Daryl is dedicated to his working career, helping people grow and protect their wealth. He guides how to create financial security and peace of mind, successfully producing The Baby Boomer Dilemma movie to improve knowledge-based content for those approaching retirement. Worthy of his time and funding to shine a light on these retirement discrepancies, providing a platform for millions of viewers to watch and discover alternatives to high-risk investing.

About Daryl Blackmon:

“Growing Your Assets, Minimizing Your Risk”

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