Endorses Brad Pistole’s New Book BULLETPROOF with foreward by Ed Slott

Brad was 27 when the doctor told him “You have a brain tumor.”

Brad’s doctor referred him to a specialist with a 2-month waiting list. When the specialist saw how severe Brad’s tumor was, he scheduled his surgery just 3 days later.

The operation took 11 hours. Skillful surgeons removed Brad’s brain tumor. Since that day, he has lived tumor-free.

Brad’s new book is about tumors. But it’s not about brain tumors—it’s about tax tumors.

What’s a tax tumor? It’s a threat to your retirement security that’s hiding in your retirement account. You may have accumulated a nice nest egg. But if the funds in your retirement account are tax-deferred, you have a “tax tumor” that the average financial advisor is not equipped to handle.

20 years ago, specialists removed Brad’s brain tumor. Today, Brad is an IRA specialist who removes tax tumors from retirees’ accounts.

Do you have retirement funds in a tax-deferred account like an IRA?

Would you like to avoid losing some of your hard-earned money to a tax tumor?

Then you want to read Brad’s new book. It’s called Bulletproof: The Safe and Secure Retirement Income Plan. Ed Slott—America’s IRA Expert—wrote the foreword and has personally trained Brad.

“Brad Pistole’s contribution to creative retirement planning has affected thousands of those concerned with market risk and volatility. His approaches have helped so many deal with the stress and worries in how they approach this topic. Not only do we heartily endorse his book but, we promote it and his concepts to retirement planners, agents, and clients. We wholeheartedly endorse his book!” Bill Broich co-owner of

About Brad Pistole CFF, CAS:

Brad Pistole, CEO of Trinity Insurance & Financial Services, INC in Ozark, Missouri, has won the Safe Money Radio Advisor of the Year award. The award, presented in Denver by Aegis Financial CEO, Carl Muehlemeyer, honors the professional, civic, and community service Brad has provided to his clients, and his community.

Brad graduated with a BS in Education from Arkansas Tech in 1993. Brad retains his Life and Health and P&C Licenses in Missouri and Arkansas. He is a member of the National Ethics Association and the Ozark Chamber of Commerce. Ed Slott and Company has recognized him as a Master Elite IRA Advisor from 2010-Present.

Brad’s book is available on Amazon. >> Buy Bulletproof today

5511 N Farmer Branch Road, Suite 101, Ozark, MO 65721

(417) 581-9222


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