Announces Creation Of Syndicated Columnists Announces the Creation of Syndicated Columnists to bring together local publications and local Advisors. Our belief is “Local Content is Good Business” Bill Broich

National Organization for Advisors who create. Pool and Share original content regarding financial topics.


Syndicated Columnists are local community-based writers who provide locally-based articles rather than accumulating and publishing news from a “huge” national news aggregator. We believe that the local reader wants to read the information provided by local experts in their community. We also believe in the complete transparency of money topics.

Over the years, local contributors have replaced this approach by generalists providing information for the local market from a central news hub often located far from the actual newspaper’s location; our goal is to reverse that trend and to use our unique and novel system of Share and Pool, we can provide solid articles regarding financial information.

Our editorial philosophy centers on transparency about financial and economic issues by providing newsreaders with tangible information they can turn into action to help improve their lives. Syndicated Columnists provide high-quality columns about popular financial issues for newspapers, magazines, and websites. Local financial planning experts write these columns of approximately 600 words in AP Style, serving the same communities that the publications cover. These columns are offered without charge to allow our authors to connect with the community readership.

Syndicated Columnists was created by in 2020 as an incubation project conceived with the foundation that local Advisors would be the best content source for local publications. The result has been significant with numerous Advisors seeing the marketing potential and the need for local content.

“Serving the Advisors local market with a completely different new source provides publications with a local slant. That slant allows the Advisor to provide content that will be more meaningful to their local area.” Bill Broich

Amy Rushforth, our Executive Editor, began her education with a business degree from Washington State University, continued education with a Project Management Certification from the University of Washington, currently overseeing the clarity and performance of several internal sites. She has managed a wide range of projects, from daily operations for a Napa Valley winery, fundraising for local charities to corporate construction projects.

In her day to day, she strives to keep things running smoothly with all stakeholders, with expertise in Agile methodologies and project management software to ensure efficient and cost-effective results. As an editor, she possesses exceptional communication skills and a thorough understanding of conceptual grammar to assist in high-quality proofreading. Always ready to take on the next challenge.

Kelly Gilfillan joins as Director of Publication Development helping further the mission of local journalism being good business. Kelly served as the award-winning publisher of the Home Page Media Group, a hyperlocal news publishing company in middle Tennessee. Kelly led a team that publishes six daily online news sites providing a consistent and reliable source of news to Williamson County including Brentwood, Franklin, Nolensville, and Spring Hill, and a business-focused magazine called

Kelly was the 2019-20 Chair for the national board of Local Independent Online News Publishers (LION) and the 2019 LION Publisher of the Year.


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Our unique system of “Pooled and Shared” articles by our authors, our outside contributors, and writing assistants provides efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and greater topic accessibility. This allows for a better utilization of content and productivity while delivering meaningful content to our readers.

Content in our posted articles is deemed to be accurate but topics, facts and laws can change. It is always a good idea to verify facts before making decisions. Always seek authorized and professional advice regarding financial decisions which includes investing, annuity purchases, tax planning, changes in a financial portfolio and retirement planning.

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