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The caption above is from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but the question remains the same. Who are these men and women in the financial services industry, primarily concentrating on estate and retirement planning with an emphasis on “safe money?” Protecting your hard-earned dollars, which are safe from loss of principal and interest, providing safe, secure guarantees that our clients can never outlive is their goal.

These are men and women who have come together with common beliefs about how the financial services business should be done, with purpose, with truth, and with total transparency — working directly to and for the benefit of the client, always placing the client first.

To do this, the organization is contracted with about 45 companies, names that you will recognize in addition to having the ability to utilize virtually any other quality company in the future. Along the way, clients learn about Social Security, 401 K’s, IRA’s, Required Minimum Distributions, Long Term Care Options, Pension accounts, the 2018 Tax Plan, and much more. The goal for clients is to have “piece-of-mind” about their futures, and to “retire with dignity.”

We are a diversified group, spread-out across the country, most of us having at least 20 or more years in the industry, many having 30, 40, and even 50 years’ experience in the financial services arena. All being independent contractors driven by the common desire to make clients successful, secure, comfortable, and to have a Worry-Free Retirement.

Remember the adage:

“Time equals Experience equals Knowledge equals Wisdom.”

Paying attention to actual contract language, company ratings, company client service, as well as illustrated ledgers, are areas of great importance to our reps and our clients. Solid income planning and establishing the downstream income flow is of utmost importance to our clients’ well-being. Our plans are guaranteed to go the distance, no matter how long one may live. Our representatives help guide clients away from common pitfalls and myths in retirement, and they have a passion for assisting clients in planning, managing, and protecting their assets.

Our companies are joined together in Annuities.com and Annuityagentsalliance.com, visit our websites to learn more about us, our reps, and our relentless search for quality.

Annuity.com has a simple mission. Educate people about annuities and help them determine whether an annuity is right for their retirement portfolios. We provide unbiased information on a multitude of topics to give them the information they need to make optimal decisions for their own specific needs. Because we are not an insurance company, we have been able to remain a consumer-focused site, providing timely, objective, and quality information since 1996.

As part of our core service, we put people interested in the benefits of annuities in contact with qualified local agents that can answer any questions we are not able to. We are continually adding new articles and improving our services, so we invite you to come back from time-to-time to see the latest updates.

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