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Hello, I am Bill Broich.

I discovered the annuity business 30 years ago after a career selling life insurance for Northwestern Mutual Life. (NML) As I transitioned to annuities, I brought with me several systems that had been the basis of my life insurance business — notably, Al Granum’s One Card System (OCS).

I adapted it to the annuity sales experience and renamed it Retire Village. In my opinion, Retire Village is the most powerful marketing tool available to the annuity industry. The information below is based on my experiences selling annuities and how I maximized my efforts by getting as many sales as possible from as few leads as possible.

Coming from NML, I believed in referrals, and with Retire Village, I expanded my use of referrals.

Converting a prospect to a client is based entirely on three things:

1. Timing,
I used Retire Village to help me and to expand my relationships with my prospects.

2. Fact-Finding,
and learning how a prospect feels about their personal situation.

3. Outsourcing,
I outsourced everything that was not directly connected to selling.

All I did was see people and sell product, all else I outsourced.

I hope my information is helpful to you.

Why am I sharing? Hopefully, my information will cause you to ask for more, and maybe, you will join our crew. I am a real live annuity salesman, I figured it out, I know what to do, and I will share it with you.