Lisa Cassidy

Meet Lisa Cassidy

Lisa, a native of Michigan, moved west to San Diego for college and stayed. Lisa was very proficient in computers, designing programs, managing databases, and specializing in medical imaging systems.  During her technological career, she held positions such as Director of Technology Services, Director of Regulatory Affairs, and Senior Product Manager.

Because of her desire to work closely with people and work with them in their transition to retirement, Lisa decided to also transition to her lifelong goal of becoming a retirement planning advisor. Her long-standing desire to help and impact businesses carries over to helping her clients understand and find solutions to their financial needs in retirement.

Lisa Cassidy is known for educating and supporting clients as they develop an understanding of strategies that preserve retirement money and create income in both rising and falling markets. With a passion for listening, she is quickly attuned to the challenges clients face in retirement, guiding and helping them to make decisions that ensure they will have lifetime income.

Lisa has served as a member of Business Network International for the past five years as a Mentor Coordinator and Event Coordinator.

When Lisa is not meeting with clients, you can find her spending time with her family and enjoy an active Colorado lifestyle outdoors camping, biking, hiking, or coaching people on how to improve their health and wellness. As an active outdoorswoman, Lisa has climbed 26 of Colorado’s 14,000 ft mountains and traveled to Iran to trek the Zagros Mountains with local nomads.

Lisa is the proud mother of a son and a daughter and has one granddaughter.


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