Johnnie Roberts

Meet Johnnie Roberts

Johnnie has spent over 20 years in the retirement planning industry, helping clients to protect what is most important. He began his financial career in 1999 while working as a youth pastor at a church. Those early years taught him the importance of listening to people’s concerns about servanthood and meeting people’s needs to the best of his ability.

Johnnie was able to grow in his career to work as a manager of financial representatives for offices in Troy and Flint, Michigan, as well as South Bend, Indiana. He taught and trained financial representatives through seminars from Louisiana to Michigan and many places in between. In 2015, he was fortunate to start his firm, New Heights Financial, and now he partners with Retire Village to educate and provide services to meet the needs of his clients and the local community.

He has had the opportunity to work with individuals and families to prepare for the unexpected and develop a plan for their retirement years. Every client Johnnie has had the opportunity to partner with has their own needs and goals. He strives to put individuals and families in the best position to enjoy their retirement years with their assets protected from loss and provide the income they need during that beautiful time in their lives.

Johnnie has been blessed to have his wife, Kristy, to support his dreams. Their three daughters and one son have grown into wonderful young adults, and their two oldest daughters have married. His oldest daughter and son-in-law have blessed them with their first grandchild.
Their family enjoys summer camping trips to northern Michigan and their annual trip to Sanibel Island, Florida. Their love, support, and encouragement have allowed him to be the best he can be for his family and clients.


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