Glenn Herring

Meet Glenn Herring

Glenn Herring, the founder, and president of Safe Money Marketing is a licensed, bonded insurance broker. His agency has been serving Oklahoma since 2003 as a bonded full-service agency. His dream was to assist clients with retirement planning while being dedicated to the preservation and safety of each client’s retirement assets.

Glenn’s business partner, Rick Blackstock, is a licensed insurance agent who has been with SMM for over 15 years. He assists clients with their retirement planning, policy service, and the monthly educational seminars we hold.

Karen Haggenmiller is our Office Manager and has been with us since 2008. She is also a seasoned tax preparer of 32 years. Her experience enables us to identify phantom income and reduce or eliminate Social Security taxes for our clients.

Our secretary, Glenna Herring, manages our business finances, special meetings, and our monthly client newsletters. Working side by side with Glenn since 1978, when they entered the business together. With over 100 years of financial service experience, we are here to assist you in living our motto: “Our job is not to make you wealthy; It’s to prevent you from ever becoming poor.”

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