Ed Hochard

Meet Ed Hochard

Born and raised in the Boston area, Ed moved to central Florida in 1980 after graduating from College. He then entered the financial services industry in 1987. Within two years at a Fortune 500 company, he earned the privilege to own and operate his own franchise in Central and South Florida. Throughout his career, he was ranked as one of the top franchise owners in the state and managed one of the most successful offices in the Southeastern United States.

In 2010, After 23 years of operating the franchise and training over 1.000 representatives. It was time for a sabbatical. After a three-year break, it was time to return to the Financial Services Industry as an Independent Agent. Feeling now more than ever a need to help former and new clients PROTECT. PRESERVE & GROW their net worth. Starting The Annuity Shop came to him when he realized how vital it was to help this great generation of Baby Boomers have a long and prosperous retirement.

At The Annuity Shop, we have one goal in mind: Do what’s right for our clients. With over 30 years of experience working with financial companies from across the country to offer clients the best solutions to meet their needs. Preparing for retirement can be very confusing, but with proper guidance and education, we can help you achieve financial peace of mind!

Ed has been a gym rat since high school and played semi-pro football for a short time. He loves golf, football, hiking, and anything outdoors. He just recently celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary with his wife, Tena. And is a proud grandfather to grandsons CJ & Tyson.

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