Earl Doucette

Meet Earl Doucette

Earl Doucette was raised in East Orange, New Jersey. After attending Long Beach City College, he was recruited in 1987 by New York Life Insurance. He left college and began marketing insurance products such as life, disability, and health insurance. Earl learned valuable concepts, gained extensive knowledge, and became a successful insurance and business professional offering only the highest quality advice, products, and services. He empowered a large customer base of the working class, senior citizens, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to achieve financial satisfaction. He found his calling and a large customer base of loyal clients that needed his personal touch.

Customizable care, solving financial needs, and relating to his clients became his trademark and calling card while at New York Life. That philosophy carried over into starting his own company, Integrity First Financial Services Inc., offering safe, competitive insurance coverage and financial strategies with tax advantages that help protect and grow retirement funds. This continues to be his goal in business, even today.

Earl has been married for 28 years and has three adult kids and seven grandchildren. He enjoys golfing, fishing, and listening to jazz music. His many friends recognize that he is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and always has your best interest at heart. His client base feels the same way and continues to stay with him.

From millionaire to the ‘not so rich,’ Earl’s real-world experience, friendly demeanor, business sense, and high integrity allow him to relate effectively with all types of people and help them reach their personal, business, financial, and insurance goals.

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