Craig Barnwell

Meet Craig Barnwell

Communication with and helping others have always been essential to Craig Barnwell. With a Bachelor of Science in Education from Emporia University in 1984, Craig honed these skills by teaching and coaching for 15 years before starting his insurance and financial services practice in 1991. He earned his LUTCF and CFF designation and opened his firm as an independent financial advisor in 2004.

At CB Financial, Craig works primarily with pre- and post-retired clients, growing their portfolios, especially protecting their assets. The area of focus at CB Financial will always be income planning. Income is EVERYTHING to retirees! Craig helps his clients live their retirement of choice, not one of chance.

In his free time, Craig is an avid golfer and reader. A former college basketball player, he just concluded a 20-year college basketball career as a referee. He and his wife have two grown sons and daughters and eight grandchildren. They are very active in their church. As a former teacher, Craig has never lost his passion for helping children. He and his wife recently hosted their church’s Third Annual Fun Day for Foster Kids.

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