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Teresa is the president and CEO of Living Wealthy Financial Group, based in Austin, Texas. As the host of the Living Wealthy Radio, she can share her passion for educating real people about the truth of how their money can work for them. She has counseled thousands of ordinary Americans across the nation, helping them avoid exposing their wealth to eroding factors such as taxes, stock market losses, and inflation. Website: livingwealthyfinancial.com

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Could “Designer” Permanent Life Insurance Help You Turbocharge Your Retirement?

Have you ever… Worried that you won't have enough money when you retire? Been concerned that you pay too much in taxes? Felt uneasy about your loved ones' financial futures? Wanted to fund your own business or invest without taking on burdensome debt? Felt nervous about chasing after higher returns? Wished you didn't have to [...]

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Why Conventional Financial Planning Is Failing And What You Can Do About It

"With over 70% of Americans unprepared for the time when they can no longer work, it's obvious that conventional financial planning is no longer working." Teresa Kuhn Throughout your lifetime, you will make significant financial decisions, some of which will alter your financial future for better or worse. Rising life expectancies, inflationary monetary policies, and [...]

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If You’re Having Trouble Planning For Retirement, Your Brain May Be To Blame

"Life expectancies have dramatically increased in North America and much of the rest of the world. People now have to make critical life choices with a longer future in mind than ever before."- Teresa Kuhn. There's not much retirement advice I can give you that you haven't heard before. Parents, friends, co-workers, financial advisors, and [...]

Do You Really Have To Choose Between Paying Off Debt Or Saving For Retirement?

"Some people believe that you only have one option: either pay off debt or save money. What if it were possible to do BOTH? What if there were a way to turn your debt into wealth?"- Teresa Kuhn. As a specialist in transforming debt into wealth, I am acutely aware of the dilemma faced by [...]

Will You Be Dragging Debt With You When You Retire?

"According to recent Federal Reserve research, Americans are behind on more than $600 billion in bills. Nearly one in ten of us has a debt in collection."- Teresa Kuhn. In the fourth quarter of 2020, total U.S. personal debt reached a record $14.15 TRILLION, higher than the pre-recession peak of $12.68 trillion. The debt situation [...]

Have You Heard From Your Financial Advisor Lately

If you're like most people within 5-7 years of retirement, you're concerned about having your life's savings eaten away by everything from stock market downturns to inflation to increasing taxes. Every day, I get questions from concerned business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors just like you. These are often people with asset portfolios decimated by market [...]

Financial Amnesia

Are you planning to retire in 5-10 years? Don't forget about the 2008-2009 financial crisis.   Following the 2008-2009 recession, nearly every small business owner and self-employed professional experienced severe revenue declines. Bankruptcies spiked, and many Americans lost their homes, their companies, and their retirement accounts. The struggle to bounce back from this economic calamity [...]

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Retirement Income Planning Right Or Wrong

Retirement Income Planning: Are you doing it all wrong? "The COVID-19 pandemic, if it taught us nothing else, demonstrated the need for guaranteed and predictable sources of income."- Teresa Kuhn. We live in an age of volatility and uncertainty. Even well-planned individuals find their wealth exposed to destructive forces such as inflation, declining interest rates, [...]

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