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I focus on helping people retire and not worry about running out of money. Helping them create a retirement both safe and secure. This allows them to enjoy their retirement and spend their time on the people and things they love. Website: sagefinancialllc.com | mark@sagefinancialtrust.com

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The Freedom to Spend and Enjoy

You've likely heard of the 4% rule. William Bengen came up with it as he tried to answer the two most common questions his clients asked him. Those questions were: How much should I save for retirement? How much can I spend in retirement without running out of money? He could give no clear answers [...]

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And They Lived Happily Ever After

"Happily ever after" is typically the ending to a fairy tale. But it's more than that. It's also the way we want to retire. What does it take to have a long and happy retirement? This has been the subject of study by Ph.D.'s in countries around the world. Before I go on, how would [...]

What Are Your Essential Life Decisions?

Through the years, I’ve helped many people plan for retirement. By necessity, many of the conversations revolve around money. How much are your necessary expenses? What are your sources of income? What future costs do you anticipate? Can you afford to stay in your home? What happens when one spouse dies? Do you want to [...]