What If You DID Have A Crystal Ball?

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Can you use a crystal ball to look forward?


Ever wonder how different your life might be if you had made the right investment at the right time? How many cars would you own?  No college loans for your children.   Retirement would be those wonderful “golden” years.

What if you knew in advance when the stock market was going to drop and you had time to move your money from risk to safety? What if you had a mechanism that would do that for you automatically?  Your money could only increase and never be exposed to losses.  Would you feel more confident about your future financial health?

Think of your money like a safe, when the stock market drops, your funds jump into the same, when the stock market increases, your funds are in play. Your crystal ball would always know what was happening before it happened.

That would be pretty darn amazing wouldn’t you say?

The “crystal” ball is actually available to you right now, a product exists that will keep your funds in the “safe” when the market drops so you are never exposed to risk.  When the market increases, you earn part of the gain.  Plus when your earnings are credited to your account, those funds are never at risk.

Now that is truly amazing wouldn’t you agree?  The product does exist and is owned by millions of people already.  As a matter of fact, the product is so popular that last year it grew in number of owners by over 100%. More than $300 billion in funds are trusted to it nationally by people looking for safety and security.

The name of this truly amazing product? Fixed Indexed Annuities!  (FIA)

Sound too good to be true?  Many people have asked just that question and the truth of the natter is this, you have no exposure to risk, you can never go backwards, your funds are guaranteed. The offset is simple, if the market goes up, you do not receive 100% of the gain, you receive a percentage of that gain.  The tradeoff is simple, partial market gains which can never be reduced or taken away against absolutely no exposure to risk or loss.

That is a deal millions of Americans have taken and millions have based their seriously important retirement money on.  Consider income from  FIA as part of your guaranteed funds, funds that can never be outlived, funds in the same category of Social Security Income an your company pension.

Your crystal ball?  It is already here, investigate these wonderful products and see if they make sense for you.


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