What Goes Up Must Come Down

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“What goes up, must come down-Spinning wheel got to go around” A famous line from Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” – Ray Cessna

What really makes stock prices go up or down? Is it truly as simple as what goes up must come down and vice versa? How do I select stocks with the best profit potential? Stock prices are constantly fluctuating, and many times, there seems to be no “rhyme or reason” to this constant price fluctuation. The airwaves and the internet are flooded with analysts and experts who try to predict the future price moves for stocks. What are their best picks for stocks? Many T.V. analysts and commentary experts say what stocks they like, and their answers all sound good! Surely, they must know what they are talking about, right! Just like bad things happen to good people, big stock declines can happen to good companies. It’s a fact of life with no true explanation!

But how do you do that? According to Charles Payne on Fox Business News and others over the past couple of days, at the end of the day, if there are more buy orders for a stock than sell orders, then the price of the stock will go up. And if there are more sell orders for a stock than buy orders, then the stock price will go down. So, to make real honest money in the stock markets, you only need to know two things: when to buy and when to sell.

I always tell my prospective annuity buyers – The Purpose of Money Dictates Where You Put It!

1. Income

• If you are going to quit your JOB, you’re going to need INCOME.
• Income just maybe the outcome that matters most in retirement.
• You don’t have to have a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) in your portfolio, but you need to have the monthly income to pay the monthly bills.
• You likely will need systematic monthly income buffered from the market that never ends during your lifetime.
• FIA’s – Can payout 3-6% withdrawal rates guaranteed for life. This income comes every month independent of what the stock market or interest rates are doing.

2. Safety

• Insurance companies are the risk managers of the world.
• Instead of buying bonds and owning them outright, consider letting an insurance company repurchase your FIA as part of an insurance company’s claims-paying ability.
• With an FIA, you have no stock market risk.
• AIG was America’s largest insurance company failure, and yet we know of no one who lost any money in an annuity, life, or health policies with them.
• FIA’s are overseen by the Insurance Commissioner of each state, and Insurance companies are audited annually.
• In 1929, insurance companies likely saved the banks-There was no FDIC then.

3. Opportunity

• You get a percentage of the up in exchange for None of the market down!!
• When you get none of the down, you may not need to have all the up.
• An FIA gets its horsepower from the Index. The FIA hitches its wagon to powerful indexes.
• Owning an FIA allows us to be bold in the face of market risk as it can’t lose principal or previously credited gains due to market volatility.

4. Liquidity

• The annuity bucket should be viewed as lifetime monthly income that supplements Social Security as Social Security by itself was never intended to be your sole source of income.
• Typically, you may want to withdrawal up to 10% from your annuity contract value annually without penalty.
• It’s common to keep liquid buckets of money in other places or investments for high lump sum needs as they arise.
• We have annuities for monthly income or build a safe lump sum bucket of cash in retirement.

The fundamentals for a successful retirement have not changed our financial health. What does it mean to have financial health? In my humble opinion, this means the income or “means” to have the income to support retirement and protection of cash accumulated principle that you have to start. “Don’t lose to downturns in the market or economy!!

This is why I utilize only Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities. Fixed Indexed Annuities are the only financial instrument that I know of, designed for Safety, Opportunity for Growth, appropriate Liquidity, and Income on the same dollar or money, at the same time with no risk to your principle and previous years interest gains.


Many people cannot maximize interest and have safety and lifetime income on the same money simultaneously.


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