Use A Safe for Your Important Money

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I have a friend named John; you might also have a similar friend. He may be a co-worker, business partner, golfing buddy, your in law or your neighbor. My friend John has a special item in his life, John has a safe. This isn’t any ordinary safe; it is a special safe that John keeps his important money in.

John’s safe protects his money so it is never at risk and no one can withdraw John’s money from his safe, except him. He is the only one with the combination to his safe. John’s safe has a special feature, it increases John’s money by paying guaranteed interest each month.

In addition to the protection of the safe, John’s funds in his safe are available to him when he needs them. He can withdraw funds from his safe, he can convert the funds in the safe to income, he can let the funds in the safe grow. John has numerous options and is in control of his safe.

What is John’s safe? His personal safe is a simple, easy to understand guaranteed fixed interest annuity. A fixed interest annuity earns Interest each month that can never be lost. John can withdraw the funds and use them in any manner he chooses. If John selects the guaranteed income option, John can make sure the money in his Safe pays him an income for as long as he lives and that can include John’s wife! Lifetime income neither can ever outlive.

A fixed interest annuity is protected 24 hours a day, risk is never an option. There is one other feature about John’s safe (guaranteed annuity) should John pass away, the safe automatically changes ownership to John’s designated beneficiary. That change happens almost immediately and without the need for probate and the expenses associated with it.

So like my friend John, you can have your retirement dollars protected in your own safe and it is always there for you risk free, earning interest and awaiting further instructions..


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