The Purpose Of Money Dictates Where We Invest

Let me say that all of America knows where to find Safety—CDs, money markets, and treasury bonds.

All of America knows where to find an opportunity—the stock market. However, many do not know where to find safety, an opportunity for growth, liquidity, and income on the same dollar, at the same time, with no risk to your principle! Many people cannot maximize interest and have safety and lifetime income on the same money simultaneously. We can solve that problem with the Fixed Indexed Annuity

The Fixed Indexed Annuity allows us to have safety, an opportunity for growth, liquidity, and income on the same dollar simultaneously, with no risk to your principle!!!

So the purpose of money does dictate where we invest!

Let me ask you, regardless of where you park your Retirement Dollars, do you have a plan in place right now to spend all those dollars in the next 10 years??  I know that most people will say “No” for two reasons:

  1. You hope to live longer than 10 more years.
  2. You would have to make a 10% return every year or run out of money, taking 10% out every year.


I don’t know where to get that vehicle to make a guaranteed 10% return every year for the next 10 plus years. That is hard! That isn’t easy, and if you live long enough, you will run out of money, taking 10% out every year without making a 10% return to replenish what you would take out. However, when financial emergencies arise, having emergency funds readily available is very important, no matter your standard of living. 

A person has to have to retire and continue their lifestyle in retirement for “maybe 30 years” is an everlasting bucket of money or some way to guarantee income; or a paycheck for Life!!

What’s Important about life and the way we look at life does influence our investing. Do we invest in having a lifetime income, or do we roll the dice and hope that somehow everything works out. With Fixed Indexed Annuities, we can control the market instead of owning the market with our money!

Fixed Indexed Annuities provide guarantees, offer no market risk exposure, and provide principle protection and growth opportunities.    


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About the Author:

Ray Cessna specializing in guiding clients to take advantage of new state-approved retirement plans focused on Fixed Indexed Annuities, providing interest based on the performance. He and his wife Donna are established in the Conroe and Woodland area, raising three children, excited to include seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild to their family. Website:

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