The Fundemantals Of Retirement Have Not Changed

Over the years of our life span, we are increasingly seeing changes occurring at a faster rate, which affects our lifestyle.

Here in 2020, since the official start of Covid-19, we now have two or maybe three vaccines to combat this disease. What would normally have taken four to six years to complete has been completed in just 10 months?

Operation “Warp Speed” truly is a modern-day medical miracle. Covid-19 has truly changed our lives all around the world. Many people work from home now. Many small businesses have been lost entirely. Many businesses have retooled their factories to change their product line or services to stay in business. We do not know when the end of these fast changes to our lifestyle will stop or if they are going to stop. Is the normalized lifestyle we were accustomed to going to return?? I don’t know the answer to this question, and I don’t believe anyone else does either.

But I know what Benjamin Franklin said is true in that “Money makes money, and the money that money makes, makes money.” Better known within our business as Triple Compound Interest.

The basic fundamentals for a successful retirement have not changed either, financial health. What does it mean to have financial health? In my humble opinion, this means the income or “means” to have the income to support retirement and protection of cash accumulated principle that you have to start with. “Don’t lose to downturns in the market or economy!”

This is why I utilize only Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities in my practice.

Fixed Indexed Annuities are the only financial instrument that I know of, which is designed for Safety, Opportunity for Growth, appropriate Liquidity, and Income on the same dollar or money, at the same time with no risk to your principle and previous years interest gains. Many people cannot maximize interest and have safety and lifetime income on the same money at the same time. With Fixed Indexed Annuities, I am able to solve the financial health dilemma described in the paragraph above. Not one size fits all! That’s why all annuities are not the same and why we have several different annuity models to choose from. When people go car shopping, whether in person or online, there are many models to pick from so you can find the one that best suits your needs, so, it is with annuities, and my job is to help find the right annuity to accomplish my clients’ needs and goals. I love Fixed Indexed Annuities!!!

Fixed Indexed Annuities provide guarantees, offer no market risk exposure; they provide principle protection and opportunity for growth.


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About the Author:

Ray Cessna specializing in guiding clients to take advantage of new state-approved retirement plans focused on Fixed Indexed Annuities, providing interest based on the performance. He and his wife Donna are established in the Conroe and Woodland area, raising three children, excited to include seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild to their family. Website:

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