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Thanks For Your Interest in Agent Services.

Our Primary Service Providers will be following up with you directly with detailed information about their specific systems.

Our leads system has both a CRM leads followup component and the leads acquisition portion as well:

Our CRM system,, delivers relevant and timely retirement and investing related articles every two weeks to your database. The “Auto-Drip” email marketing links to your personalized web site that contains hundreds of articles about retirement, and new information is added every month. We highly recommend inviting as many prospects and even clients into this e-newsletter service. Many of our agents will report an extra sale or two is generated each year from one of their Retire Village contacts.

If you have accumulated a contact list but are having trouble maintaining the regular contacts you need to keep them in your loop, this system will help you to generate repeat or added business with minimal effort on your part. For less than the price of 1 lead per month, you can reach out to contacts you have already made and keep in touch with them when you notice they have read one of your articles. Sherilyn Orr has developed and managed this system since it was created in 2008 and can be reached at (800) 910-2246 

Best Annuity Rate Report Leads are available exclusively to RetireVillage agents. Generated by Infofuel Production Co. through several web sites including, these leads are generated over an exclusive geo-targeted area with your customized internet campaign – in many cases, your leads see your name on the information request form they submit, or even in the ad they click to get to your personalized offer. Our customized Best Annuity Rates Report and Safe Money Guide are provided as a part of the leads process, and can also be offered through your Retire Village website.

All of our services offer some degree of preference to Contracted Agents, who also receive the opportunity for mentoring. Anthony Owen and Chad Owen, founders of Annuity Agents Alliance, personally produce over 20 million in annual annuity sales. Anthony will call you to go over our agent services, including additional lead sources, and how they may benefit your business. Until that time, please visit their website,, for more information.