What Is The Definition Of Conjecture?

Conjecture: the formation or expression of an opinion or theory without sufficient evidence or proof I want you to absorb that definition because “financial conjecture” is a dangerous thing. Not only is it a dangerous thing when you accept financial conjecture from family or friends, but what about when it’s from a nationally recognized “financial [...]

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Who Should Have An Annuity

Annuities, both fixed and variable, are tax deferred investment options which yield higher returns than traditional retirement plans, but with less of a risk than that faced with a direct investment in stocks and mutual funds. Annuities are particularly beneficial under a certain set of circumstances and for certain professions.

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Compare Variable Annuities With Fixed Indexed Annuities

Variable annuities have fees, expenses and charges subtracted from the annuity account value   The category, an annuity is a very broad term that covers two different types of actual products.  One is a security, the other is an insurance product.  There are numerous differences, this article will explain the details. There are two completely [...]

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Is An Annuity An Annuity, Or Is An Annuity An Egg?

When is an egg not an egg?   Often, we hear about annuities and how many fees are “hidden” within them. So why would anyone consider an annuity? Annuities come in 2different sizes, those sold by stockbrokers (variable annuity) and those sold by insurance agents (fixed annuities). Annuities sold by stockbrokers are security products, annuities [...]

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Evolution of Variable Annuities Doesn’t Mean Improvement

Once the financial marketplace began its shift in 2008, promises and contractual guarantees offered by variables annuities became a huge and monstrous potential liability for the industry. The liability was really a derivative, meaning a future promise paid for by consumers but expensive for the insurance companies to keep.

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My Least Favorite Annuity

Variable Annuities are my least favorite of the annuity types. They once served a purpose in the 1980s and 1990s when the stock market was thriving for a longer period than normal, and for high-end earners a good place for non-qualified tax deferred savings. But now, in the current world market, I consider them the least effective annuity, especially for retirement income planning.

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