Investing Can Be Risky….Maybe Not!

The current state of the world economy is about as volatile as it has ever been since WWII. Many investors have run to safety and made huge purchases in the only one really safe vehicle available-US Treasuries. Buying Treasuries is definitely a safe investment option….or is it? It is true that US Treasuries carry no risk, no risk in your investment being lost. However, there is another risk associated with investing in US Treasuries.

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The National Debt: Will it Ever Be Paid? No!

The simple answer is this: it probably will never be repaid, it has been and probably always be part of our American heritage. The history of US Treasuries is fascinating story in and of itself. It began when our country began. US Treasuries go back to this country’s independence. The Revolutionary War was fought against Great Britain by the colonies as a united front but funded and manned by each individual state.

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Market Volatility: Safety Nets Are Available

A safety net can be important when things go bad Several noted economists and distinguished investors are indicating a bumpy ride ahead for the stock market, not only in America but worldwide. Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, recently offered caution on national news when he declared, “The public is walking into a trap again as they [...]

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Should 2018 Auld Acquaintances Be Forgot?

Should auld acquaintances be forgot, And never brought to mind?             And never brought to mind, as some stock and bond market investors would prefer?  Certain trends that began last year will likely carry over into 2019.  These were four horsemen that made their acquaintance last year (listed in chronological [...]

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