Annuity Sales Are Predicted to Grow In These States

Fixed indexed annuities become the darling for retireing with guaranteed income Update:¬†   Nearly 3 million people are likely to purchase fixed index annuities (FIA) in 2017. (2019 4.2 million estimated new purchasers) Three states lead this annuity buying increase: Texas, Florida, and California with an estimated 720,000 households likely to purchase an annuity. California [...]

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Creditor Protection: The Annuity Option

With current bankruptcy laws making it more difficult to qualify for debt relief on still available avenue could be the use of an annuity. In some states the income from an annuity payment is protected from creditors. Each state is different and many states have had these laws come under fire because of lawsuits. It is important to always ask for legal and tax advice when considering using an annuity as a protected asset.

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