The Dow Jones Industrial Average Will Hit 30,000

I remember well that statement being made at a financial convention years ago, the speaker followed up his announcement with this: “I just don’t know when!” It seems that the stock market is always going up, and yet his past few days something odd has happened, it has dropped, dropped like a rock. Immediately after [...]

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The Stock Index & How History Can Make You A Smarter Investor

The stock index & how history can make you a smart investor “The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you’re beating the market but by whether you’ve put in place a financial plan and a behavioral discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go."- Benjamin Graham [...]

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The Stock Market, The Magnificient Twenty and Volatility

Annuities » The Stock Market, The Magnificient Twenty and Volatility The theme of the fixed/indexed annuity message is safety and security. There is plenty of research and studies to back up the fact that these plans work and they work well. When you are retired, everything works completely different than when you were working. It’s like doing everything in a mirror. Money management activities become opposite to when a person is working. Safe money fixed/indexed annuity accounts grow on a guaranteed basis, with no risk, even in uncertain economies that occur from time to time.

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Market Fears And Retirement Planning: One Category Is Not Affected

Is the Financial Crisis and Market Volatility Affecting Your Sleep? Financial volatility and the ongoing crisis Have most Americans been exposed to the stock markets volatility?  It has caused many people to reconsider timelines for retirement and other lifetime funding option. If your 401 (k) or other retirement investments have been reduced in value or [...]

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Buying Stocks and the Stock Market. How it works.

Understand the basic concepts of stock market investing Everybody about the stock market, but not everyone has a sound understanding of how the stock exchange works. Many investors see the stock market as a way to get rich quick, but if they don’t understand their investment, or how stock works, they could be in for [...]

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