Are You Concerned About Leaving Your Heirs Lump Sum Money?

Can you trust your heirs with a large lump sum of money as an inheritance?   Need income and want to provide for your heirs? Here is a simple method of accomplishing both goals. Many people are very concerned about leaving a large amount of money to their children. They are worried that the funds [...]

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6 Annuity Misconceptions You Need To Know

Here are 6 Annuity Misconceptions You Should Know About When it comes to Your Money and Retirement Savings   Misconception #1: Annuities are very expensive to own. Not all annuities are created equal. There is one particular type of annuity that is more expensive than others. Variable annuities have the most expenses when compared to [...]

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Living Too Long Is Never A Problem Until It Is

What happens when your money dies before you? What are your options? When it comes to living a long life, most of us are of two minds. Part of us loves the idea of growing old with grace, traveling into our 90’s, playing with our great-grandkids (perhaps even our great-great-grandkids!) and being known as the [...]

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