What Women Business Owners Can’t Ignore When Planning For Retirement

If you are a woman business owner and don't feel confident in your ability to retire comfortably, you are not alone. A comprehensive survey of women business owners by Transamerica in 2016 revealed that nearly 46% of the respondents said they were concerned that they would not be able to retire comfortably. Perhaps even more [...]

Owning A Small Business Does Not Mean Your Retirement Planning Is In Place

Please think about your legacy, because you're writing it every day. - Gary Vaynerchuk Business owners are often so immersed in the day-to-day issues associated with running a successful enterprise that they neglect their retirement planning. When surveyed, over 70% of all small to mid-sized business owners indicate they have no retirement plans in place [...]

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Small Business Funds – Earn Money by Investing

Potential growth for the educated investor   Most small and mid-sized business owners spend more time worrying about bringing in investments and additional funding than thinking about what to do with earnings and profits. A majority of small businesses leave excess cash in the bank at default interest rates. Bank interest rates vary from 1% [...]

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Tips To Help Small Business Owners Protect Their Investments

Learn How to Better Run Your Business with These Tips What is one of the top least favorite activities for small business owners? If you guessed litigation, then you would be right. Unfortunately, most report, according to the Small Business Administration that their efforts to resolve disputes outside of litigation do not always work, leaving [...]

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Small Business Grants – Tips

Use the Grant Process to Help Your Small Business For many enterprising individuals thinking of starting a small business, but lacking the financial support, small business grants look, at first glance, as an attractive option. After all, it is free money, and numerous granting authorities want small businesses to apply and make use of the [...]

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