Assets Under Management Fees and Expenses

Your financial planner gets paid even if your account loses value, what a deal! In the past, financial planners, stock brokers and financial advisors used assets under management as a revenue source.  It works this way:  the client has $500,000 invested with the advisor and even though some of the assets may have been acquired [...]

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ROBO-Advisors Invade Retirement Planning: Hurray!

 Robots have become a certainty for our future   They lower the cost of almost every sector of American Industry.  The chart below shows us how the value of robots has dropped as the cost of human workers have increased. One sector gaining an enormous foothold for robots is the financial guidance industry:  ROBO-Advisors. Have [...]

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The Flip Phone Evolution To ROBO Advisors

Remember when we all had flip cell phones? That technology has been replaced with newer better “smartphones.” It wasn’t that long ago that this revolution began and now each year we eagerly await the latest edition of iPhone 10. This has been accomplished in less than 10 years, 10 years of a massive technology shift. [...]

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