3 Overlooked Tax Reductions That Will Shock You

Make sure you do not forget these tax deductions.   There are the standard tax reductions every taxpayer knows about, but there are three others few realize that they can deduct to reduce their taxes. Plus a bonus! Volunteer work donations Many American volunteer their time and services to nonprofit organizations instead of making financial [...]

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Billions In Fees Translates to Billions In Lower Retirement Income

Be cautious of fees subtracted from your retirement funds, you could be the loser at retirement time. With the recent volatility in the stock markets worldwide, concern over the future of many people’s retirement accounts is at the forefront. Volatility, as defined in the stock market, means to many of us that sleeping well at [...]

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How Fees Can Negatively Impact Your 401(k)

Little fees can eat away at your retirement savings. Your 401(k) offers you an outstanding retirement savings vehicle, with fees attached. Some of these fees are hard to detect unless you read the fine, fine print about what's going on with your investments. Over time, those fees will cut into your retirement savings potential. How [...]

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