Do I Need Dividends in My Retirement Portfolio?

Can you depend on company dividends for your retirement income?   The definition of a dividend is payments made by a corporation or organization such as a mutual life insurance company to its shareholder members. It is the portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders for their investment in the company. Dividends are taxable [...]

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Lower Interest Rates Until 2023? Great For Spenders, Bad For Retirement

In September 2020, the Federal Reserve ended its two-day policy meeting by announcing its intention of keeping interest rates at their current all-time lows until 2023. Since 70% of the American economy relies on consumption, the Fed's commitment to low-interest rates is part of an effort to push Americans away from saving and into spending. [...]

Keeping the Interest Rate Field Level with Annuities.

Years ago the state insurance regulators made annuity companies change their rules when they were in a position to make “windfall” profits. Much like the gas and oil boom in the 1980s, already producing oil wells could make substantially more from the same well, so the federal government imposed the “windfall” profits oil tax act.

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Considering A Fixed Indexed Annuity For Your Important Retirement Funds?

Is guaranteed income important to you?  You might consider selecting an annuity for your retirement income. Are you considering an annuity? Not sure exactly what to do, which policy to buy, what benefits to ask for or do you even know what to ask? Annuities can seem to be very confusing when they are rather [...]

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