The Pros and Cons Of Investing and Owning Gold

Gold!  Owning it can create confidence as long as you know the Pros and Cons Throughout history, gold has easily been the most alluring of possessions. For almost ten millenniums, gold has been the standard of all financial wealth. That was also true for nearly 200 years in the United States until President Nixon removed [...]

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Chevrolet or Ferrari, Which Would You Choose?

What if I told you I was going to give you $100,000 if you can drive from here to the next town in 30 minutes and $80,000 if you can make it in 40 minutes? The only condition is that you have to drive one of the two cars that I choose. One car is a Chevrolet sedan and the other is a Ferrari. The Chevrolet is dependable and powerful enough to get you there in just under 35 minutes. The Ferrari will get you to the same destination in about 20 minutes.

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Baby Boomers Are Learning The Secret That Income is King

Income that can never be outlived is the secret many are learning is the most important part of retirement When was the last time you heard anyone say, “I am not worried about the stock market.” The financial crisis beginning in 2008 still hovers over all of us today. Equities’ sharp drop during the crisis [...]

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30 Year Bonds Available Get Them While They Are Hot

Is 30 years a long time to have your money invested? Our low-interest rate environment may offer the opportunity for long term bond investors, or does it? In a recent Bloomberg article regarding recent and substantial bond offerings, I couldn’t help but notice the mammoth size sale recently sold to fund VISA and their acquisition [...]

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Considering A Fixed Indexed Annuity For Your Important Retirement Funds?

Is guaranteed income important to you?  You might consider selecting an annuity for your retirement income. Are you considering an annuity? Not sure exactly what to do, which policy to buy, what benefits to ask for or do you even know what to ask? Annuities can seem to be very confusing when they are rather [...]

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Variable Annuity Companies May Face Huge Loss Of Revenue

A recent article mentioned that Credit Suisse was evaluating how the new Department of Labor (DOL) “fiduciary” rule will affect companies depending on variable annuity fee income. The simple fact is this, variable annuities are losing their place in the market and will eventually be a simple add on product instead of the “bull” annuity [...]

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