Do You Have The Liquidity Needed For Downturns?

 "Liquid assets are a major component of a healthy financial plan. Are you making sure your clients have the cash they need to hedge against disasters?" Del Fujinaka Income shocks produced as a result of the pandemic have had a somewhat purifying effect on financial planning. Before COVID-19, many consumers were dismissive of the idea [...]

Annuities Vs Bank CDs: How Do They Compare?

Bank Saving Products or Insurance Company Annuities, which would you choose for your safe and secure money? Federal Reserve Vs. 10 Year US Treasury As consumers, we think of interest as interest. In fact, there are two different and distinct factors that separate banks and annuities when calculating interest on savings vehicles. Bank CD interest [...]

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Safe Money, What Are Your Real Options?

Should your important money be an investment or should it be a deposit? How do you know the difference and how do you decide what is best for you? What exactly is “Safe Money?” Is it money that needs to be risk free? Is it money that needs to be available? What exactly is the true definition of “Safe Money?” The answer may surprise you…the answer is based on your specific situation and your desired goals. For many people “Safe Money” is money that will be there when it is needed.

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