What Happens To Your Social Security When You Die?

Does Your Social Security Just Go Away When You Die? By Syndicated Columnists|October 29th, 2021|Social Security   What happens to your Social Security when you die? “Those planning their retirements should consider what, if any, Social Security benefits could be available if you are the spouse, child, or parent of a worker who dies.”  Many [...]

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Don’t Be Frightened, Be Prepared

This Sunday you’re bound to see plenty of ghouls and goblins roaming about town, it’s Halloween, the “scariest” day of the year. There are, however, more frightening days ahead, especially for those who are nearing or of retirement age. Social Security funds in jeopardy, a global pandemic, increasing health care costs and an aging population [...]

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Medicare IRMAA Assessment, What Is It And Why Should You Care?

When it comes to Medicare, do you get confused about the details? Not only do you need to know all of the different parts of the program, you must also be aware of the penalties that can be assessed if you join late. Now there is a surcharge if you make too much money, you [...]

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Understand Your Social Security Survivorship Benefits

Death, while painful for most of us to contemplate, is nonetheless a fact of life for which we all need to prepare.   The death of a spouse brings its unique kind of grief, along with a list of tasks that must be accomplished; often within a specified time frame. One of the first things [...]

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Social Security Will Run Out of Money

Social Security will never run out of money. I know that is a broad and concerning statement, and one intended to cause the reader to investigate further. The new research report from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research provides us with fresh and actionable information. If current spending, without tax adjustment, continues in 2034, benefits [...]

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The Purpose Of Money Dictates Where We Invest

Let me say that all of America knows where to find Safety—CDs, money markets, and treasury bonds. All of America knows where to find an opportunity—the stock market. However, many do not know where to find safety, an opportunity for growth, liquidity, and income on the same dollar, at the same time, with no risk [...]

Retirees Should Invest In A Fixed Indexed Annuity 

As people get close to their retirement years, objectives and goals must adjust from accumulation to income distribution, and portfolio investment risk must be also be addressed accordingly. There is no good reason for investors at or near retirement to have stock or bond market risk, especially in the current low-interest-rate environment. So, where can [...]

Should You Have Debt In Retirement?

"In a perfect world, you would enter retirement with your home paid off, $2million in savings, and not a penny in debt. Unfortunately, our world is far from perfect."-Donna McElroy Most financial planners urge their clients to eliminate as much debt as possible before they retire. While this is indeed a sensible approach to avoid [...]

The U.S. Debt Gone Mad!

If you know the truth about America's finances, it should make you mad! Consider that One-fifth of all United States dollars ever printed has entered existence within the past year. A WHOPPING 20% of our new money supply printed within the past year! This craziness has led the Federal Reserve to expand the US balance [...]

Mistakes Government Employees Must Avoid If They Plan On Retiring In 2021-2022

“If you are a federal or state employee planning to retire in the next year, you should waste zero time planning your exit.”- George Politarhos If you are like most federal employees under the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), you have numerous things to consider. Many Federal, State, and local employee programs complicate retirement planning [...]