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Local Content Is Good Business

By Robert Penna Throughout history, residents of smaller communities have relied on local tribunes, gazettes, chronicles, heralds, and posts for credible and pertinent news and information. Sadly, in the past 15 years, more than ¼ of local newspapers have closed or merged with larger media outlets. The disappearance of this type of publication has left [...]

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Some Key Points Of President Biden’s Tax Plan

"By focusing on low and middle-income earners, Joe Biden hopes to stimulate a pandemic-ravaged economy. The impact could be significant for higher net worth individuals and corporations."- Jerry Yu. Now that both the House and Senate are in the hands of Democrats, it is likely that President will get more of his tax proposals through [...]

The Fundemantals Of Retirement Have Not Changed

Over the years of our life span, we are increasingly seeing changes occurring at a faster rate, which affects our lifestyle. Here in 2020, since the official start of Covid-19, we now have two or maybe three vaccines to combat this disease. What would normally have taken four to six years to complete has been [...]

What Is A Fiduciary And How Can One Ensure You Have The Best Possible Retirement Outcomes

If you have been looking for a financial advisor or retirement and income specialist recently, you may have run across the term "fiduciary." Fiduciary rules have been in the news lately due to some new Department of Labor (DOL)  rules which clarify which financial professionals are considered fiduciaries and which are not.  In June of [...]

Lower Interest Rates Until 2023? Great For Spenders, Bad For Retirement

In September 2020, the Federal Reserve ended its two-day policy meeting by announcing its intention of keeping interest rates at their current all-time lows until 2023. Since 70% of the American economy relies on consumption, the Fed's commitment to low-interest rates is part of an effort to push Americans away from saving and into spending. [...]

What Women Business Owners Can’t Ignore When Planning For Retirement

If you are a woman business owner and don't feel confident in your ability to retire comfortably, you are not alone. A comprehensive survey of women business owners by Transamerica in 2016 revealed that nearly 46% of the respondents said they were concerned that they would not be able to retire comfortably. Perhaps even more [...]

Some Light At The End Of The Tunnel

How much longer is the pandemic going to last? TV anchors and various media pundits have all been giving their opinions and asking whomever they could when will the Coronavirus pandemic be over. When will their lives return to normalcy and when will the stock market finally bottom?   And even suggesting financial questions to [...]

Small Business Funds – Earn Money by Investing

Potential growth for the educated investor   Most small and mid-sized business owners spend more time worrying about bringing in investments and additional funding than thinking about what to do with earnings and profits. A majority of small businesses leave excess cash in the bank at default interest rates. Bank interest rates vary from 1% [...]

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Raising Money Using a Self-Directed IRA

Make your IRA your bank when expanding your business, self-service   It is a natural tendency to keep savings, investments and business matters separate. To this end, the IRS has strict rules governing the use or withdrawal of investments for personal or business purposes, and financial planners will advise you not to dip your 401(k) [...]

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Small Business Equipment Leasing

Leasing or purchasing, which makes more sense? Leasing required equipment to start a small business is a relatively attractive option as compared to an outright purchase. Leasing equipment provides additional tax savings, requires no down payments and bears no risk of asset value depreciation. 100% of the payment made each month for the lease is [...]

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