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Shane McCann Brings Retirement And Income Radio To Florence, Montana

Shane is the Founder and President of the Montana Retirement Income Advisory, Veteran of the US.
Army, public speaker, educator, and host of over 100 Social Security Educational presentations. A
graduate of the University of Montana, he was awarded the prestigious Penn Mutual Veterans
Scholarship and earned a master’s in financial services.

Shane began his career in 1996 with Wall Street investment firm Mclaughlin Piven Vogel Securities Inc. Shane has trading experience with bonds, stocks, covered calls, mutual funds, 1031 exchanges, REIT’s and private equity. However, today’s focus is exclusively on holistic retirement income plans and all that it

Shane currently resides in a “house divided,” daughter, Cassie, graduated from Montana State
University and daughter, Josephine, graduated from the University of Montana. They live in beautiful
Florence, Montana.

Join others who have benefited in listening to Shane’s no-nonsense approach to retirement planning as to how he explains a retirement planning can be free from market risk.

Sunday 7:00 – 8:00 am




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