Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability With the “You Gotta” Plan

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Saving for retirement One of the founding principles of this country and what Americans pride themselves in is self-sufficiency.  We, as a people, have always had that “can do” spirit!

We have always believed that Hard Work was more important than luck or circumstance. Diligence, accountability, attitude, and making sound choices, along with hard work will always ‘win out’ in the end.

My wealthiest clients accumulated their wealth by following these principles: Making smart choices with their money, not going into debt, working hard, saving money, PLANNING for their future, and living within their means. Most delayed gratification until they could pay for it. And their goal was to always be self-sufficient. To be dependent on themselves only. Not the Government, not their Children, nor Charity.

The SECRET is that “ya gotta” plan for this to happen. It doesn’t happen by accident.

As Americans, we have always, up until recently, believed this was the way to go. Too many people today are looking to shift blame for an accident-ready to sue someone and be compensated route. Just look at the TV commercials and infomercials put out by attorneys- Mesothelioma, Cancer, Medical Device , and other lawsuits.

Money….Our own Government is preaching that if you don’t already have it, you’ll get it from taxpayers who have already made it! 

Washington has bailed out General Motors, Chrysler, solar companies, alternative energy companies, Wall Street Banks, homeowners who bought too much house, now Detroit, and the list goes on and on.

Are you expecting a “bail out’ when the Market crashes next? Did you get a “bail out” in 2001 and 2008? No?

When it comes to your retirement, who or what are you depending on? The Government? Social Security? Your Pension? Medicare? Your Children?

What if you get sick, need help as you get older; go into a Nursing Home? If you live to age 65, a recent survey estimates there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll need skilled nursing help in your life.

A coin toss.

If you live to age 75, it’s 75% certain you’ll need help – now it’s not a risk, it’s a probabability. Who will you depend upon to pay that? (Currently $6-$7k per month avg. in Tennessee). Your Children? Your Government? How about yourself? How?

“Ya gotta” PLAN !

And what if your money runs out? After all, prices, taxes, healthcare are all skyrocketing and this will only continue…. “Ya gotta” PLAN for SUSTAINABLE income… An income that will last no matter how long you and your spouse live!

You can start planning and stop guessing and gambling in the stock market! You can only be sure of what you’ll have when you know what’s going to be there! Make your money SAFE, enjoy a REASONABLE rate of return when the Market IS up, be insured against any and ALL losses WHEN THE MARKET IS down, eliminate broker and advisor commissions, and PLAN for your income to NEVER run out, GUARANTEED, no matter how long each of you live.

Income that is SUSTAINABLE and PERPETUAL!  Get a Bonus on your monies now, and earn 6.5% compounded, while your income account grows-GUARANTEED! This doesn’t just happen, it’s not an accident…..

“Ya gotta” PLAN!  As the Viagra commercial says: “This is the Age of KNOWING”. If YOU don’t KNOW, then you should!

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