Save And Safeguard Your Money A With Fixed Indexed Annuity

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Worries about safeguarding money appear to be a common occurrence to all Americans while saving for retirement. A significant number of adults depend on their 401K, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Pension Plans, or Social Security. Unfortunately, those are not enough to support the needs of most adults in their later years. An assessment considers a retirement budget and assesses how much is acceptable to take out regularly from savings. The assessment is based on the retiree living from a specific amount for a certain period of time, receiving continued returns, and settling for an unsustainable amount to be distributed from their portfolio.

If you are also dealing with this dilemma, the perfect approach to respond to this is a Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA), which is the smart way to achieve your retirement goals and safeguard your income. This type of annuity enables the owner to enjoy the interest earnings determined by the performance of an index, such as the S&P 500. 

Your money is not directly exposed to the stock market volatility, and interest credited is locked in. If the stock market index value increases, the annuity earns interest, and if it decreases, the value is unvaried and will never go below zero. For instance, a client deposited $100,000 and had a positive gain on the market of 3% in the first year. Then in the second year, the index had an adverse year and was negative 3%. However, the principal amount, which had gained 3% last year and raised the amount to $103,000, remains unchanged as the interest was set. It is a unique characteristic of Fixed Indexed Annuity to protect your money from the risk of exposure during market downturns. It also guarantees a significant combination of benefits, such as the following:

  • Gain of Earnings without Paying Income Taxes
  • Credit Higher Interest Rates
  • Contribute without Limit to Tax-Deferred Account
  • Early Retirement with Penalty-Free Withdrawals
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Stream, with the possibility of income growth
  • Ensure Sufficient Funds for Surviving Spouse
  • Leave a Legacy

Fixed Indexed Annuities can surely bring peace of mind to retirees and offers the opportunity for financial security. Acquire consistent guaranteed growth and assurance that you will never outlive your income stream. For those nearing retirement and prioritizing accumulation of money and protecting them that will support retirement goals throughout your golden years, a Fixed Indexed Annuity may be the best option to alleviate your worries.



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