Responsible Management Of Retirement Savings

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Are you using responsible management to maximize yields and reduce market risk

As I work with pre-retirees and retirees, I am always amazed at their emotional response to managing their essential money. Believing the fallacy that if they give this money to the same brokerage firm their peers use to manage and invest in the same products, they will be protected from harm.

When I was growing up, my father would give me advice using terms that revealed his experience growing up on a farm. He would often tell me: “Don’t follow the herd” or “Don’t follow the pack.” He was explaining to me how doing what the majority of my peers were doing could get me in trouble. He wanted me to think for myself and learn what a responsible person should do.

I was meeting with a nurse recently when she was retiring from a local hospital. As I questioned her about her finances, I discovered that she had already rolled over her 403(b) retirement plan to a popular brokerage firm. When asked why she used that firm, she responded: “All the other nurses retiring had used that firm, so I felt I would be OK.” I have spoken with many retirees expressing the same sentiment.

How important it is for retirees to research and investigate the opportunities available to them for their important money. Fixed indexed annuities offer protection from market volatility, consistent long-term growth, guaranteed lifetime income, elimination of emotional stress, and stable and consistent spending habits.

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