Plug And Play Retirement

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Simplify your retirement with Plug and Play

I had to go and get my cable box changed out the other day, and I remember what it used to be like in the past. It was a nightmare trying to get everything in place in calling the cable company and getting everything set up. This time to my surprise it was a piece of cake. I got the equipment delivered to my door, and when I opened the box, it was a self-install which was so simple that I was shocked. I didn’t have to wait for days to have a service technician come out and spend hours trying to get everything hooked up and working correctly.

This time I just had to take the parts out, plug them in where the old equipment had been, and then turned on the remote and everything was programmed, and it was good to go!

It seems like today everything is getting more and more simplified. Our phones have all these apps that do everything for us. Anything that you don’t know you ask Google and you’ve got all kinds of answers immediately. Our cars are computerized today, and when you bring your vehicle in for service the mechanics plug your vehicle into the computerized diagnostic system, and they can determine any problems almost immediately.

As I was thinking about these things, it reminded me of some of the questions that I have from callers to my radio show. So many people still have the old-fashioned way of dealing with retirement income planning. They’re so used to watching the money in their 401(K) plans go up and down over the years that they’re not sure what to do going forward.

For years their financial advisors have been telling them that you need to build a substantial nest egg and then watch that carefully for the next 30 years or more of retirement, maybe employing the famous 4% rule, to make sure that you don’t run out of money if you live a long life. That seems like a lot of work and a lot of the people that I speak with are very stressed out because they are not financial experts; and even with experts guiding them, they’ve seen declines in their accounts of 20%, 30%, 40% or more on more than one occasion in the past . Now they have to hope that this doesn’t happen again in the future or all of their retirement plans will be destroyed.

When I speak about indexed annuities protecting their principal, locking in market-like gains, having guaranteed growth for lifetime income, and an income account they could never outlive, it almost sounds too good to be true based on the experiences that they have had over the last 30 to 40 years. And from everything that their advisers have been telling them they need to be very careful in retirement taking money out of those accounts.

Now they need to make sure they manage their money very carefully and, hopefully, they should be able to make that money last as long as they do! To me, this is a terrible way to spend your retirement years. Wouldn’t a plug and play option make a lot of sense here just like it does in other areas of our lives? Is there really a way that we can plug in our retirement income needs and then just play, and not have to worry about our income needs anymore?

That is precisely what we have when we take some of that risk off the table and secure lifetime income that we can never outlive no matter how we long we live. Why not have your money grow at a Guaranteed Rate until you need it instead of worrying about what the markets going to give you, and why not be able to take out 5%,6%, 7% or more a year without having to worry about running out of money no matter how long you live? That plug and play option is available to anybody who wants to take advantage of it.

More and more people are becoming aware of this option and have made the switch. If it sounds like a better way to go for you, give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as all my clients who have done so over the years! Plug in your Retirement and then Play and enjoy the rest of your life focusing on what is most important to you!


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