New Department Of Labor Forthcoming Rules Redefining Fiduciary Could Be Bad For All

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 The DOL should keep their grimy hands off our business

I have been writing about and watching with great curiosity about how the government moves more and more to control most aspects of our lives. The sheer ignorance of the new DOL proposal for new “rules” show a complete deftness towards how we as citizens would even consider living our lives. Their definition of exactly what a “fiduciary” means is about as vague as it could be and that leaves open the door for government interference and their interpretation of the rules. We, as small independent salespeople, will be at their mercy for a straightforward reason, the federal government has no limitation on what they can spend to prove their legal point.

Dr. Jack Marrion is a nationally known authority on the annuity industry. Recently he wrote an article about how damaging the new DOL rules could be to the annuity industry.

I have enclosed a link for you to Dr. Marrion’s article:



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