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Meet Tim Klein 

Timothy A. Klein, who goes by the name “Tim” is the sole member and founder of Bay Harbor Financial Group LLC., established in 2000. Tim helps retired people and those nearing retirement with their financial goals, contracted with over 35 companies. Tim has hosted radio shows, in Lansing and Kalamazoo. In addition, he also offers retirement workshops for folks throughout the state of Michigan.

Tim was born and raised on a farm near Sparta, Michigan, and excelled in sports in high school in Football, breaking three records in track and placing in the low hurdles at the state level. He attended Michigan State University where he studied business. After college, Tim helped to take over the family apple farm with his older brother and expanded the operation to over 600 acres. As an apple grower, he learned the importance of patience and planning growing apples. It takes nurturing, care, and the risk that can come with losing an entire crop if proactive measures are not put into action. Tim decided to research the same principle with his retirement nest egg. Discovering that so many financial advisors/brokers have lost touch with main street America and the importance of retirement free from stress caused by market risk, he soon transitioned the goals of his financial interest to that of a retirement planner for other people. He loved the financial business enough to sell his farm interest to his brother.

Today, Tim loves taking care of people’s best interests as a fiduciary and has thousands of clients that he has helped. He attributes his down to earth and simple approach with retirement planning to his farming experience and upbringing. He specializes in placing emphasis on “Safe Money” while advising people on money management, estate planning, health insurance, life insurance, annuities, tax-saving strategies, maximizing social security, and irrevocable burial trust.

Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, Christina, a first-grade school teacher, and his seven grandchildren. He also enjoys college football, hunting, and the beach. Tim and his wife have been mourning the recent loss of their 13-year-old son Jace. That sudden loss is just one of the reasons that Tim firmly believes in the quality advice he provides to each and every client. Consistent with how he advises his own family and closest friends on how to be proactive with catastrophic events that can happen at any moment.

His clients’ success is truly his success.

Learn more about Tim and his no-nonsense approach to Retirement Planning:

PO Box 111 Ferrysburg, MI 49409

(616) 293-6315