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Meet Steven England

With over three decades of experience in wealth management, estate planning, insurance, and financial services experience, Steven’s career began in the Financial Services industry within a major brokerage firm. He was associated with several corporations, offering guidance to their Human Resource Departments, educating employees about programs for retiring employees.  As a consultant to numerous financial service firms, he was working in conjunction with both management and marketing/sales to help them develop, train, and mentor their personnel.

Throughout his career, Steven is proud to have recognized with multiple awards of his achievement/excellence from recognized companies within the financial services and insurance industries.  He has consistently achieved the “top one percent tier” of advisors nationally. Since he believes that “with many advisors, you succeed,” Steven, therefore, serves as a liaison between the Attorney, CPA, CFP, CHFC, and Money Management.

Exceeding personal standards of professionalism and excellence, Steve is quick to credit a loyal, trusting client-base as essential to his success.  With this mutual respect, dedication, passion, and commitment helping clientele with retirement, financial, and estate planning needs.  Steven greatly values close business and personal relationships with clients and “treats them as he would like to be treated!”

Steven currently resides with his wife, Cynthia, and two daughters, Paige and Brooke.

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