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Meet Joe Edgeworth

Joe has been a financial planner since 1992, working with individuals, families, and businesses. His company focuses on teaching people how they can invest their money safely, with a 100% guarantee of their principle, earn a very respectable rate of return, and have income guaranteed for their lifetime. Joe has also shown over 2,000 people how to protect their nest egg and their loved ones from the catastrophic cost of Long-Term Care, along with showing parents and grandparents how to safely and tax-efficiently transfer their wealth to their children.

Most important to Joe’s practice are his experience, honesty, and integrity. It is because of this that Joe has had a very successful practice serving retirees and pre-retirees for so long.

Joe and his wife Teri have lived in Lancaster for 35 years and together have 3 daughters. Joe covers most of Pennsylvania along with the states of Maryland and Delaware.

Learn more about Joe and his no-nonsense approach to Retirement Planning:

2715 Spring Valley Rd Lancaster, PA 17601

(800) 824-8609