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Meet Jim Junge

 Jim’s primary focus is Retirement Income Planning, maximizing income for the future.

His 20-year career in the financial services industry first began to provide honest, “down to earth”, straight-forward answers, in clear language that anyone can understand, to insurance questions and concerns that the “suits” seem to make increasingly more complicated than they need to be.

Simply stated, a lot of brokers and dealers justify their existence by keeping customers confused with needless financial jargon and forcing clients to have to now rely on them to navigate through “complex retirement issues”—usually made more complicated by the broker-dealer.

Jim has a better way! As a speaker and published author, a former teacher and coach—Jim brings over 40 years of business experience in helping both the Public and Private sector with retirement income planning. Drawing on a vast array of professional experience, Jim breaks down those complex retirement issues to understandable solutions in plain language.

More than any commission check, the most satisfying part of Jim’s business is “that look of relief in a client’s eyes when they realize they’re retirement funds are going to be OK”.

He takes a personal interest in his customer’s individual circumstances. “This isn’t one-size-fits-all planning,” Jim often says. It’s all about education and the purpose of the money—“What do you want those funds to do for you, Mrs. Jones?”
The core of Jim’s business practice is “Retirement money should never be put at risk.”

Accordingly, FIXED INDEXED ANNUITIES that emphasize safety, security, and guarantees are Jim’s main financial tools to provide the mathematically-proven solutions for his customer’s needs—solutions that are verifiable and without ambiguity. We call these “Safe Money Strategies”.

Jim is a graduate of UCLA and holds a Master’s degree from the College of Notre Dame. His company BENEFIT SERVICES GROUP“Safe Money Strategies” is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, and offers a variety of financial service products to his customers.

Jim and his wife Carol have a home in both Folsom, Ca. and Meridian, Idaho. In his spare time, Jim enjoys sandy beaches, tropical sunsets, Michael Connelly novels, and good wine.


Learn more about Jim and his no-nonsense approach to Retirement Planning:

404 Mormon, Folsom, CA 95630


(916) 212-4040