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Meet Ashok Ramji

Ashok Ramji’s clients live up and down the West Coast and are at different stages in their lives, but they share a common goal: retiring comfortably without outliving their savings. As a licensed insurance professional and investment advisor representative with his firm TOP Planning LLC, Ashok helps people accumulate wealth and/or guarantee retirement income while eliminating risks that are common to market investing.

His parents were both born in India, but Ashok himself is a Southern California native. Like most Americans who were also born and raised here, he is equally proud of his citizenship and family heritage. His parents instilled in him a strong work ethic, pride in his work, and a commitment to helping people in every capacity. He has three siblings, including a fraternal twin brother. Ashok’s mother tutored him in math and always advised him to be thorough and take as many sheets as needed to show your work. Today, Ashok still helps school students with their math problems and clients solve their financial problems.

Ashok always wanted to work in the financial sector and was well into his college studies at UCLA when his life took a fateful turn. After his dad’s premature death at the age of sixty, his Mom turned to a local financial advisor who put her in illiquid and high-commission limited partnerships and variable annuities. Ashok and his mother sued this advisor and won a Pyrrhic victory (net of attorney’s fees.) This experience inspired Ashok to be mindful of the financial sharks out there and adopt a safe money approach. When his mother subsequently passed away, Ashok and his siblings were involved in settling the family trust. Once again, another learning lesson was unfolding with the intricacies of estate planning and how life insurance products can integrate quite nicely in this regard.

Ashok started his professional career at a securities trading firm straight out of UCLA and then worked for an asset management firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. As an independent agent, Ashok is not beholden to anyone provider or whatever product they are pushing at the time. He always acts in the client’s best interest when introducing products and strategies. He commits to lifelong learning and surrounding himself with thought leaders. By way of just one example, Ashok is currently a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group℠ — an exclusive organization of financial advisors who are dedicated to being leaders in the IRA industry.

Before moving to Washington state, Ashok volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Bay and Junior Achievement of Northern California. He served on the Board of Directors for the former in addition to being a Big Brother. With Junior Achievement of Northern California, he regularly volunteered in classrooms and sat on one of their local advisory boards.


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