John Finds New Life In An Old Product

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Do you consider yourself open minded?

If so, read this about   “Life Insurance”.  You might be surprised at what your beliefs are regarding these life giving financial vehicles.  My client, John, at age 60 found a new way to build a tax free income for his future.  These are some of the features and benefits of which he previously had no knowledge about cash value life insurance.

  • Safety of your money with contractual guarantees
  • Tax Deferred Growth of your funds on deposit in the policy.
  • Tax free income streams can be possible
  • Liquidity, use and control of your money, based on contractual agreements
  • Guaranteed Loan Options with No Structured payments.
  • Ability to design for maximum potential growth with no risk of loss (inside cash value of policy).
  • Tax Free payout to beneficiaries at his death.
  • Shorter funding options for premium payment are available in most policies.
  • No Required Minimum Distribution, you can leave the funds in your life policy as long as you wish.
  • You decide how much premium you want to deposit into the policy.  Unlike term insurance (low premium with maximum death benefit).  This policy is designed to build cash, you have great variance of funding options and they can be changed if you desire.
  • Historical earnings have been above most market indexes, some returns have been as high as 12% a year. Ask your agent for a review of past performances.

There are guidelines followed by the insurance company which are set forth by the state Department of Insurance.  All policies offered for sale have been approved and allowed to be sold in your state.

Cash Value build up in a life insurance policy is tax deferred which allows you more control over future tax liability, plus if the proceeds are paid as a death benefit to heirs, it all becomes tax free.

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About the Author:

Marilyn Clark is a licensed insurance agent and has been serving Washington residents for the past 30 years. Marilyn resides in Olympia, Washington, and her profession has allowed her to show others how to protect and increase their asset value in a sometimes fearful economic environment. She believes in “keep it simple” and loves to help you get rid of the volumes of old financial documents which seem to cause clutter and chaos. Her work has taken her to California and Montana, but the majority of her time has been right here in Western Washington.