It’s What You Keep That Counts

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Have you ever thought about that? If you knew that you would never lose your money, what type of investment would you choose? The fact that you are exempt from a loss would free you of the worry of concern about any investment, you would merely choose a category that potentially had the greatest growth.

Fear of loss can result in fear of action; if the fear is removed, then action would be the nest logical step. Action without fear of loss would be a terrific investment plan.
There is a big lie that is often told to investors, and the lie says this: “Over time, the stock market always rebounds.” If that were true (in fact it is) then just put all your money in the stock market, right?

According to Visualizing Economics, calculating the growth from the beginning of the New York Stock Exchange (1871) to 20101 returned a yield of 5%. Meaning that through 5 wars, 3 depressions and other assorted human interactions, the stock market did, in fact, grow.

Therein is the truth of the lie, the stock market has always grown (over a period of time) but what happens when you might need your funds and the market is in a downturn?
How do you protect yourself against downturns? How do you invest without fear of loss? Most financial planners and those well trained in investing will answer that question using a more complicated variable. Their answer is normally that the portfolio contains a mixture of stocks and bonds. Stocks for growth and bonds for stability. The general plan is as you age, you reallocate your portfolio to a higher percentage of bonds (stability) and lesser percentage in stocks (growth).

There is an old saying about investing, “Never underestimate the power of zero.” That means simply that if you never had to fear loss, the power of earning zero is a win, no losses means no fear. Sort of like the Lion King and the term “hakuna matata,” no worries.

Here is a question for you. IF I could invest your important money in an account that had two guarantees would you do it? Here are the guarantees:

  • You can never lose any of your money
  • You will always have a minimum guaranteed rate of growth in your account

Of course this guaranteed plan has one small restriction, your growth yield has a limit. In return for no exposure to market risk, you have to give up part of the market growth. Would that be fair? Would you take that deal?

In return for no exposure to market risk, you will trade part of your potentially market gain. How many of you would take this deal?

Believe it or not, this deal is available to you and last month, over 173,000 new people took this deal. Before the end of the year (2015) it is estimated that 400,000 each and every month with join the group who have made the deal.

You get safety, security, face no market risk with a guaranteed minimum yield and the possibility of a higher yield and all you have to do is take only a portion of what your plan gained.


Here is a video that explains this plan a little more in detail:

This plan isn’t for everyone, it isn’t for those who want the maximum gain and have no fear of losses, and it isn’t for those who wish to make a commission by selling portfolios of stocks and bonds (brokers).

But for those who are truly concerned about having funds invested without fear of market loss, this might just be a logical choice that makes sense.

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