Is It Time For The Truth?

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Somewhere at the intersection of “I told you so” and “I wish I wasn’t right”, lies your worry and angst of losing your retirement funds in the Wall Street Casino – unless you had the wisdom and foresight to transfer at least some of your nest egg into the safety, stability and guaranteed growth of a Fixed Indexed Annuity.

Today, 11/20/18, the market was down another 552 points. If you have $300,000 on the table in the “Casino,” you lost over $6,600 today alone. And since this slide began, you’re down about $30,000. Can you survive with $30,000 less for the next 5-7 years, not to mention no gains for that period? And this is only the beginning, folks. Fasten your seatbelts or wallets.

For years, many of you have heard me rail against unscrupulous or incompetent registered investment advisers whose primary concern is their own financial improvement at your expense. You’re “advised” to put all your retirement funds in some account with annual fees, that no one has any control over, where you can gain or lose money (HINT: that’s called gambling!), with no guarantees and no clear picture for your future. You’re told to, “Buy and Hold,” when all you’re doing is “Buying and Hoping,” right? Think about it!

Your adviser will tell you “not to worry…it’s only a paper loss…now, is no time to get out of the market.” (TRANSLATION: “I didn’t protect your funds because I can’t control the market. I didn’t get you out at the market’s high point. I’ll lose thousands if you take your money and leave”)
But when have you ever heard your adviser say, “Now is a good time to sell”? Right, never! You grew up hearing “buy low – sell high.” Congratulations to those that did move their money at the market peak (several months ago). Getting out now is still going to look smart compared to a few more months of this. You thought 2008-2009 was bad? Do you remember ’08-’09? Many choose to forget those dark days of 44% losses —when the “cocktail conversation joke” was “my 401k has become a 201k”. Except that losing tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars is nothing funny.

This is just the beginning of the long-awaited, much forecasted, bear market. But wait, before you can say it, remember, the market ALWAYS has come back. The real question is, “Will it be BACK when you need it to be? Do you need that lost money you planned to use for your living expenses? When? How much each month? In past market “crashes” (sorry, I need to call it as I see it), it has taken 5-7 years for you to regain just your past market high point, let alone any annual gains to your retirement fund. Can you wait 5-7 years before you pull money out of that 401k?

Can you survive the next market downturn? (link) Wouldn’t a guaranteed annual 7.2% return on your money sound good right about now? (link) Tax-deferred? With no market risk? And a GUARANTEED lifetime income?

Perhaps you’ve bought into the lies you’ve been told about Fixed Indexed Annuities? Lies and misinformation from people who either don’t know what they’re talking about or who have a vested financial interest in you keeping your money where it is –with them!

Don’t make a panic move, but do something: get the truth, the unbiased facts and information about the benefits of an FIA. Then decide for yourself how best to weather this current market, and if a Fixed Indexed Annuity makes sense for your portfolio.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Yes, my business is Fixed Annuities, but first, it is the TRUTH.

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