Protecting your family and your assets from risk is an important aspect of any sound financial strategy.

Are You Prepared If You Are Forced To Retire Early

"Since the pandemic was first declared, over 2 million older workers have exited the workforce for good. But, unfortunately, this is not always by choice."- John Ripley Forced early retirement is a problem for the entire nation. In the period after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a national emergency, thousands of older Americans find themselves [...]

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Depending On Cash Dividends In Retirement Could Be A Mistake

Many retirees today purchase cash dividend stocks as another source of income during their retirement.  While there are several positive attributes of cash dividends, they all carry a risk….and uncontrollable risk: The dividends may be reduced at any point in time or stop completely.  You have no control over the amount or timing of any corporate dividend. [...]

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Do You Really Have To Choose Between Paying Off Debt Or Saving For Retirement?

"Some people believe that you only have one option: either pay off debt or save money. What if it were possible to do BOTH? What if there were a way to turn your debt into wealth?"- Teresa Kuhn. As a specialist in transforming debt into wealth, I am acutely aware of the dilemma faced by [...]

Why Achieving Financial Unity Is Critical For Married Couples

"Widowhood and divorce remain financially and emotionally devastating. Even younger women are wise to plan for the day when they no longer have their spouse or significant other." Raina Greene Karla N. (not her real name) epitomizes the 21st Century woman; self-assured, confident, entrepreneurial, and well-educated. Karla married at age 21, right after receiving her [...]

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Is Medicare Advantage “Actually” Free?

Medicare Advantage is becoming more and more popular with America’s seniors. In fact, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 40% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan. But what is it? How does it work? And is it really free? Let’s start from the top. Medicare Advantage Plans are [...]

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If You Are Approaching 65 You Should Know Your Medicare Options.

"Medicare can be a very complex, confusing subject. Still, it is an essential component of your retirement. A basic grasp of Medicare will help you make better retirement and income decisions."-Bill Duggan If you are nearing 65, you may be thinking about making the best choices concerning Medicare. Since it is a government program, you [...]

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Market Volatility and Income

You’ve worked hard all your life, played by the rules, only to have a majority of your nest egg wiped out due to something you could NEVER have controlled. For most of us, this would be devastating and possibly life-changing! For most pre-retires and retirees, the #1 concern they have is fear of running out [...]

Why Both Spouses Must Be Involved When It Comes To Retirement Planning

"But my spouse is more of a "numbers" person" It is a lousy reason to surrender your role in your financial future." Brad Rhodes Financial giant UBS Global Wealth Management did a study recently in which 54% of women surveyed admitted they let their spouse be the leader in the family finances. Some of the reasons [...]

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It’s Always Wise to Include Annuities

"Offering retirees the chance to obtain tax-deferred growth and guaranteed income in retirement, annuities should always be part of a retirement and income specialist's tool kit." Michael Masor. Successful financial advisors understand that the days of selling a product and never seeing that client again are long gone. Instead, retirement planning has morphed into more [...]

Will The Future Be Surviving A Financial Armageddon?

"Will the future be surviving a financial Armageddon? Big Stock Market increases of wild Market swings that keep you up at night?" - Ray Cessna There are times in your life that you will never forget!! Dates that you know exactly where you were and what you were doing. Would your grandfather say he was [...]