Protecting your family and your assets from risk is an important aspect of any sound financial strategy.

A Life Insurance Policy Is An Asset You Can Sell

Did you know that you have a valuable asset which is often overlooked and may not be included in conversations regarding your financial portfolio?  It’s your life insurance policy. Many people are not aware that a life insurance policy is an asset which can be sold with some of the terms being set by the [...]

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Is There a Way to Protect Assets and Provide Quality Long Term Care for Someone Already Receiving Care?

As a senior myself working primarily in the senior market, I am very much aware that the number one fear of most seniors is the fear of outliving their money. I have written articles previously about how I have been able to solve this concern for so many people and to help them secure peace [...]

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Use This IRA Solution to Eliminate Long Term Care Insurance Premiums

I was contacted several years ago by a gentleman named Jack who had a concern about his IRA account that he wished to leave to his daughter. Fortunately for Jack he did not need this money for income for himself and his wife. He was concerned about the account deteriorating over the years due to [...]

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The Death Spiral of the American Health Insurance System

Recently, updates on the actual cost of the Affordable Care Act has disclosed severe issues that could cost the American taxpayer billions.  The report has gone on to include that actual cost in both Medicare expense and user expenses unexpectedly have increased.  What went wrong? We had predicted that insurance rates would rise based on [...]

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The Federal Reserve and the Federal Open Market Committee

Does the “Fed” seem as mysterious to you as it does to me?  Founded in 1913 (Wikipedia: the Fed, is a Federally created agency but owned by private entities.  There is an enormous amount of information about the Fed in numerous locations, including the link above. Have you ever heard of a committee within the [...]

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The History Of Life Insurance Ancient And Modern.

The history of life insurance is dated by many as far back as before the time of Christ. History tells us that in 100 B.C. a Roman military official named  Caius Marius, established  a burial account for his Roman troops. The plan was simple, when a member died, other group members would pay for the [...]

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See What The Insurance Industry Has Planned For Us

Remember HAL in 2001, a Space Odyssey? It seemed at the time that space travel was something for the movies and yet, look what has happened. The future they say is now. That is going to be the truth for our industry, the annuity, life insurance and long-term care insurance industry. The future will belong [...]

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The Importance Of Dental Health For Senior Citizens

The importance of observing dental hygiene stretches beyond just a smile. As teeth are one of the busiest organs of the human body, they need to be taken care of with utmost priority. Our oral health (dental health) is often neglected by our recklessness in eating habits and hygiene routines. Our overall wellbeing is dependent [...]

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