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Ashok S. Ramji Earns Chartered Life Underwriter Designation CLU®

Ashok S. Ramji Earns Chartered Life Underwriter® Designation CLU® Bellevue, WA – February 2, 2019 – Ashok S. Ramji, Financial Consultant, TOP Planning LLC has earned the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) professional designation from The American College of Financial Services, Bryn Mawr, PA. Candidates for the CLU® designation must complete a minimum of eight courses [...]

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Avoid Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

These common mistakes can have a devastating effect on the beneficiary of the life insurance and can cause unnecessary and undue harm. Approaching the purchase of the life insurance policy with sufficient information can help avoid these basic mistakes and have the policy provide the desired protection.

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The Affordable Care Act Is Losing Medical Support

What was meant as the savior of the uninsured and those who cannot afford health insurance, ACA, is in trouble. The trouble is not finding folks who need and want the insurance, it is finding health care providers who will accept the insurance for medical services. A good friend of mine was in need of [...]

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Alternatives To Traditional Long Term Care Policies

Until recently few other options  for LTC protection have existed Until recently, there have not been many options to pay for long-term care (LTC) costs. Some people may be fortunate enough to self-fund their care or purchase a traditional long-term care policy from an insurance company. Even then, the cost of the premiums could be [...]

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I Love Annuities BUT

Love them or Hate them, let the benefits they provide speak for themselves There is a well-known Financial Planner, and you may have seen him appear on television and in print advertising, who has built his reputation by making this bold and controversial statement. “I hate annuities…”. The intent of this paper is not to [...]

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Don’t Borrow Your Way To Retirement

“Life insurance is the only tool that costs pennies and guarantees dollars,” said the legendary industry salesman Ben Feldman. This powerful leveraging factor along with permanent life insurance’s ability to allow someone to accumulate funds tax-free are two reasons why properly structured insurance can be a powerful financial planning tool. Cash value inside a permanent [...]

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Health Insurance Expense Is Becoming A Major Concern

As with most Americans, I have been stunned by the continued cost of health insurance premiums as well as the decline in covered benefits. Recently, I was due for an annual checkup with my physician. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of out of pocket costs I was billed. Not only had my [...]

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Life Insurance Benefits Optimization Opportunities

As we age, the need for a life insurance policy can change. Numerous opportunities may exist for you to make changes to your current life insurance policy to establish a different type of benefit.  •    Exchange: Exchange your life insurance policy for an annuity to develop an income stream. The life insurance cash value will [...]

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Whole Life Insurance Or Term Insurance- Which Is Best?

An easy example of which to choose is based on a very hard to answer a question. How long do I need the protection? One fundamental thing to understand is that life insurance is not an investment, regardless of what an insurance agent tells you. Life insurance is for protection and protection only. The two [...]

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A Life Insurance Policy Is An Asset You Can Sell

Did you know that you have a valuable asset which is often overlooked and may not be included in conversations regarding your financial portfolio?  It’s your life insurance policy. Many people are not aware that a life insurance policy is an asset which can be sold with some of the terms being set by the [...]

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