Protecting your family and your assets from risk is an important aspect of any sound financial strategy.

A New Idea That Has Been With Us For Over 200 Years

“Only money left over after paying taxes can be spent. For the average person in the U.S., 34.5% of that sum goes to pay interest alone, to finance car purchases, homes, and various other purchases. This money is gone forever. It is making persons in the banking business wealthy. It can be yours to enrich [...]

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Long Term Care Insurance Premiums Increase Continue With No End In Sight

Planning now will go a long way toward helping you have a more peaceful and prosperous retirement. “A couple in their mid-50s purchasing new long-term care insurance coverage can expect to pay just over $3,000 for a potential combined benefit of over $770,000 in coverage should they begin needing care at age 85.”- American Association [...]

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Term Life Insurance: Advantages and Disadvantages

Term life insurance is often Less expensive than other types of insurance, especially when the insurance is purchased while the policyholder is younger in age. Because of its affordability, it can be a good choice for short-range goals, such as until your youngest child finishes college, while you pay off a loan, extra insurance protection during child-raising years or until you are able to afford a more permanent type of life insurance. The cost and availability of the type of life insurance that is appropriate for you depend on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance you need.

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How to Understand Insurance Company Financial Ratings

Insurance companies use private rating companies to determine their financial strength. The rating agencies evaluate the insurance companies as to financial strength to meet their current and future contractual obligations. These include their ability to pay current and future claims and their ability to maintain solvency during uncertain financial times.

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The Importance Of Dental Health For Senior Citizens

The importance of observing dental hygiene stretches beyond just a smile. As teeth are one of the busiest organs of the human body, they need to be taken care of with utmost priority. Our oral health (dental health) is often neglected by our recklessness in eating habits and hygiene routines. Our overall wellbeing is dependent [...]

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Life Insurance Plans and Options: The Basics

There are numerous options for which plan to select. Listed below are the basics of life insurance and how the benefits of these choices can help provide protection. There are two types of life insurance plans: term (temporary) or permanent plans. Life insurers offer various forms of term plans and traditional life policies as well as combinations of the two types.

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How Do I Pick The Right Agent To Help Me?

Currently, there are well over 1,200,000 life insurance agents in the United States. How can you ever decide which one is best for you? Plus there’s all this “fiduciary” stuff being thrown around to confuse you even more. Let me make something clear. If you are currently a life-licensed agent and you sell anything other [...]

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Ashok S. Ramji Earns Chartered Life Underwriter Designation CLU®

Ashok S. Ramji Earns Chartered Life Underwriter® Designation CLU® Bellevue, WA – February 2, 2019 – Ashok S. Ramji, Financial Consultant, TOP Planning LLC has earned the Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®) professional designation from The American College of Financial Services, Bryn Mawr, PA. Candidates for the CLU® designation must complete a minimum of eight courses [...]

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Avoid Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

These common mistakes can have a devastating effect on the beneficiary of the life insurance and can cause unnecessary and undue harm. Approaching the purchase of the life insurance policy with sufficient information can help avoid these basic mistakes and have the policy provide the desired protection.

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